A local operator in the roofing industry of 30+ years, frustrated with the ever increasing price hikes imposed on small to medium business, jumped head first into the highly competitive manufacturing market to supply quality products at an affordable price.  

Joining forces with UniCote to manufacture quality coloured steel, hot dipped aluminium and zinc alloy for superior durability products with the ability to supply all SME roofer/plumber/builders, and provide the residential "D.I.Y” mums and dads quality roofing product solutions.  All products supported to Australian Standards under Warranty, completed online by our team on behalf of the end beneficiary/property owner specific to the commercial project site or residential address. Other steel suppliers stipulate the end beneficiary/property owner must complete the Warranty process direct themselves, which can be an equally daunting and lengthy drawn out process for the unknowing to pursue. 

UniCote has improved durability, design and technology, a cost effective product competing with the market leaders!

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