Rainwater products to complete your roofing solution.

150 High Front Quad Gutter:

Our high tensile 150mm High Front Quad has recessed overflow slots allowing large water carrying capacity while hiding the end of roof sheets or roof tiles. It is perfect for use with our Steel Fascia system or timber fascias with the option of overstraps or concealed brackets.

150 High Front Quad Gutter

Gutter Mesh:

Gutter mesh (also known as leaf guard) prevents leaves and debris from entering gutters. Installing leaf guard on your home reduces maintenance and gutter cleaning, prevents blocked gutters and downpipes which can cause flooding and damage to the home, avoids a major fire risk by protecting against ember attack, extends the life of your gutters by ensuring they dry quickly after rain, eliminates potential mosquito breeding habitats by ensuring water does not get trapped in the gutter, prevents vermin from entering the roof and ceiling, improves water quality by preventing leaves and debris collecting and breaking down in the gutter. It comes in 4mm Aluminium and 4mm & 5.4mm Steel Mesh products.

Gutter Mesh

Rainwater Heads:

A rain head is a container located between the gutter and downpipe that aids the flow of water away from the roof. It acts as an external overflow point to minimise water surges into the storm water system and aid the flow of water down the downpipe. The outside positioning of rain heads means that they minimise the risk of water overflow inside a building and provide greater protection against water overflow in extreme conditions.

Rainwater Heads

Round Downpipes:

The classic Round Downpipe is available in a diameter to suit any application from industrial to residential buildings. Round downpipes can be purchased in standard lengths of 1800mm and 2400mm or made to order and are available in galvanised, zinc/al or a huge range of roofing colours.

Round Downpipes

Rectangular Downpipe:

Rectangular downpipes offer a clean, modern finish due to their ability to sit flush against a wall. Square and Rectangular pipes are available in standard lengths of 1800mm or 2400mm or can be made to order. Choose from galvanised, zinc/al and a huge range of colours.

Rectangular Downpipe


We offer a range of metal fascia systems to suit the needs of your project. There are side-fix fascia brackets which can be nailed into the side of the rafter, rather than the end. Nailing into the side grain of rafters is far stronger than nailing into the end grain which may open up, releasing the nail. The fascia then slides onto the side-fix rafter bracket, allowing for free horizontal movement and uniform expansion and contraction and minimising distortion. Most metal fascia systems have free horizontal movement, allowing uniform expansion and contraction, designed to allow for gutter fall, using suspension clips. The suspension clip allows you to select the amount of fall the gutter receives. This high strength spring-clips are notched to allow for the clip to attach to the suspension rib found on most gutters. Gutters can even be adjusted later to correct house settlement. Most fascia and gutter systems are designed to comply with Australian Standards including 'Metal rainwater goods - selection & installation'. This standard requires that eaves gutters receive a minimum 1 in 500 fall. We offer a wide range of fascia accessories including joining sleeves, suspension clips, internal and external mitres, brackets and barge moulds and covers. Our accessories make installation quick and easy and ensure a superior finish on any project.